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Control Operations

Biological/ Biorational Control

 Biological control is the use of natural enemies—predators, parasites, pathogens, and competitors—to control mosquitoes. Natural enemies against mosquitoes include mosquito fish (Gambusia sp.), bats, copepods, etc. Biorational pesticides  referred to amicrobial pest control agents include such as bacteria, fungi, viruses



  • BS (Bacillus sphaericus)

    • Vectolex CG                             Label/SDS    

    • Spheratax SPH 50G                Label/SDS

    • Spheratax SPH WSP               Label/SDS             

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  • BTI (Bacillus thuringiensis israeliensis)

    • FourStar  180- Day Briquets                   Label/SDS

    • FourStar CRG                                            Label/SDS

    • FourStar MBG (Granules)                       Label/SDS

    • Sustain MBG                                             Label/SDS

    • Vectobac Liquid 12AS                              Label/SDS      

    • Vectobac G                                                 Label/SDS   

    • Vectobac GS                                               Label/SDS

    • Vectobac WDG                                          Label/SDS

    • VectoMax WSP                                          Label/SDS

Chemical Control

Chemical control is the use of mosquito control products. These products are used only when needed and in combination with other approaches for more effective, long-term control. The district aims to select and apply products in a way that minimizes their possible harm to people and the environment.

  • Adulticide

    • Organophosphate

      • Fyfanon ULV                                                   Label/SDS

      • Fyfanon EW                                                    Label/SDS

      • TNK Strip                                                        Label/SDS

    • Pyrethrins/ Pyrethroids

      • Pyrenone 25-5                                                 Label/SDS

      • Pyrocide (Concent. ULV 7396)                     Label/SDS

      • Scourge                                                            Label/SDS 

      • Suspend SC                                                      Label/SDS

  • Other

    • Pyrethrins/ Pyrethroids

      • Drione                                                              Label/SDS

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  • Larvicide

    • Oils

      • BVA 2 Oil                   Label/SDS          

      • Kontrol Oil                Label/SDS

    • Methoprene

    • Pyriproxyfen

    • Spinosad

      • Natular 2EC                Label/SDS

      • Natular T30                Label/SDS

      • Natular G                    Label/SDS

      • Natular G30                Label/SDS

      • Natular DT                  Label/SDS

      • Natular XRT                Label/SDS

Physical Control

Physical control makes the environment unsuitable for mosquitoes. Physical controls include barriers such as screens, bed nets, and clothing (long sleeves, pants, etc.) as well as environmental manipulation such as draining a swamp, filling in tree holes, etc.

Physical Control
Physical Control
Cultural Control

Cultural controls are practices that reduce mosquito establishment, reproduction, dispersal, and survival. For example, removing water from containers, trash clean-up, personal protection with insect repellent, etc.​


Mosquito/ Disease Surveillance

This trap specifically aims to  target Aedes aegypti  (Yellow Fever Mosquito)  with water.



A fowl smelling water mixture is added as an attractant to gravid (pregnant) female mosquitoes seeking to lay their eggs.



This trap specifically aims to target Aedes aegypti gravid (pregnant) female mosquitoes with water and a paper for egg depositing.



This trap contains dry ice that emits CO2 to attract mosquitoes seeking a blood meal.



This trap specifically  targets Aedes aegypti  (Yellow Fever Mosquito)  with a lure- based attractant. 




Mosquito Education outreach.
Mosquito Education outreach.
Mosquito Education outreach.
Mosquito Education outreach.
Infomration aboutus hosting a mosquito outreach event.