Fresno Mosquito & Vector Control District

2338 E. Mckinley Avenue Fresno, CA 93703                    Tel: 559-268-6565                   Fax: 559- 268- 8918     

Office hours:  MONDAY – FRIDAY   7:30AM TO 4:00PM      Closed on Weekends & Major Holidays


Mosquito Information

Self- Help

Dear Resident:

Please refer to the attached documents for help with ideas on how to eliminate mosquito development sites (indoors and outdoors) and protect yourself and family from mosquito bites.


Please eliminate mosquito development sites weekly, and protect your skin from bites daily.


Because some mosquitoes can develop in as little as a teaspoon of fresh water, improvement will require a community effort. Feel free to share these instructions.

How to Cover Yard Drains

yard drain pic.gif
disease info.gif

Dead Bird

Found a dead bird? 

Report it here


Protect Yourself

Look for sources of mosquito breeding in your yard and use insect repellent safety to prevent bites!

Look at the active ingredient when purchasing repellent.

​More information of insect repellents


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