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We are a California government public health service agency formed under the authority of the California State Health and Safety Code. The Fresno Mosquito and Vector Control District is a property-tax supported special district created in 1942 to control mosquitoes in a part of the City of Fresno and in Fresno County. The District also includes the City of Kerman, the communities of Biola, Calwa, Malaga and Easton. The mission of the District is to suppress populations of mosquitoes and other vectors of human disease-carrying potential, and reducing annoyance levels below generally acceptable thresholds.

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District Goals  


GOAL 1:    To stress vector prevention through public education and to hold producers of mosquitoes and other vectors responsible for their production.

GOAL 2:    To develop and maintain monitoring programs for vectors and the diseases they transmit, and to maintain an accurate record keeping system.

GOAL 3:    To use environmentally sensitive control methodologies which assure effective, efficient, and economical vector control.

GOAL 4:    To conduct program planning and review of program procedures, equipment, and techniques to maintain effective quality assurance.


GOAL 5:    To enhance employee professional development, personal productivity, and safety.

GOAL 6:    To cooperate with other agencies, within the limits of available time and resources, to maximize public benefit.

Board & Staff


Staff Members:

Ryan McNeil
District Manager

Jacob J.
Assistant Manager

Julia L.
Office Manager

Roy B.
Area Supervisor 

Chenoa D.

Board Members:                               

Kristi Lawrence                            

Kenneth Moore

Vice President

Peter Woolcock 
Secretary to the Board

Rauden (Rod) Coburn

Jennifer Estrada



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10-Oct- 2006



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Job Openings

The District accepts applications for seasonal employment throughout the year. Generally,  the summer employment season is from March through October (depending on weather).


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